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When Washing Your Hair

Detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb from the bottom to the top. The key is to keep your JEK LUXURY HAIR clean and moisturized.

1.Shampoo or Co wash



4.Rinse thoroughly with cool water

5.Air Dry


Maintenance for All Textures

Shampoo or Co-Wash at least once a week.

Deep condition your hair preferably with heat once a week.

Use styling products to a minimum because they tend to cause build up and weigh hair down.

Always use heat protectants when flat ironing or blow drying.

Always let your hair air dry for best results.


Tight Textures

Dampen hair with a conditioner and water mix.

Detangle using a wide tooth comb from bottom to top

Scrunch up hair gently to reform curls.

Let hair air-dry.




When Sleeping

Always cover your hair with satin and silk bonnets or scarfs. Never sleep on wet or tangled hair. It’s best to braid or wrap your extensions before bed.